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A Haunted High-Tech Horror Attraction

An abandoned psychiatric asylum with paranormal encounters tied to its history. Challenging, haunted escape rooms that make you feel as if you won’t make it out in one piece. A frightening haunted experience with the undead popping out at or reaching out to touch you at every turn. These are but a few things you can expect when you journey into the haunted realm of Eloise Asylum.

The current state of Eloise is a multi-million-dollar immersive experience that transports you to a different realm with dozens of actors, high-tech gadgets, simulators, mapping technologies, and elaborate visuals. Oh, and ghosts. Those were free and came with the building.

One of the main attractions this year is a ‘previously undiscovered experimental lab: Located at SubLevel1, the Nankin Project.’ As you move through this horror adventure, you will be met with a mix of evil doctors, asylum staff, and psychiatric patients in various states of distress. It promises to be an experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Aside from the haunted horror attraction at Eloise, the paranormal investigations are a unique draw to the location. Paranormal teams from around the country have converged on Eloise to hunt and connect with spirits who once made Eloise home and have yet to leave. Having operated as a psychiatric hospital for decades, Eloise is believed to be home to many spirits and paranormal activities.

Though we investigated with Detroit Rock City Paranormal, Eloise has its own paranormal team on staff that will lead you through an historic paranormal experience. Desiree and Lauren with Eloise accompanied us on our own investigation. They were a wealth of information on the history of the location, the building, the rooms, and about the known spirits that linger within.  

Photo courtesy of Eloise Asylum.

From capturing EVPs, to motion detectors setting off, to the chilling experience of cold spots and body parts, and sometimes even “markings,” the paranormal investigation experience is something unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. If you are not a believer in the supernatural when you enter, you will be by the time you leave.

When the public participates in paranormal investigations, Desiree, Lauren and other members of the Eloise team lead visitors through the property and provide them with the equipment to investigate paranormal activity. They also share pictures and stories of their own encounters in specific locations throughout the building. As Desiree told us, the investigators tend to build relationships with the spirits at Eloise, even referring to them as “friends”, especially those they interact with on a regular basis.  

One thing is for certain, the team at Eloise has a passion for what they do and put on one incredible experience for all who enter her doors.

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Tamara Graham
Tamara Graham
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