Monday, May 20, 2024

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Build Legendary Brand Awareness! We believe that everyone should love where they live! We help inspire people to do just that through experiencing and celebrating all that Michigan has to offer and sharing those experiences with our readers through a comprehensive brand of interactive online and print publications. We invite local businesses to join us and become a part of the celebration - and in the process grow Legendary Brand Awareness by building trust and simplifying the purchasing process for our readers - the number one pain point of consumers today.

We target over 6.7 Million Michiganders with a variety of interests and socioeconomic backgrounds aged 18+. LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™ is for everyone who wants to love where you live!™ and celebrate Michigan. We provide our advertising partners with an opportunity to build Legendary Brand Awareness!

Build Legendary Brand Awareness

Download our 2024 Media Kit and watch our product videos. If you are interested in joining us and operating as an Influencer, send us an email and one of our advertising sales representatives will reach out to you. We also offer 100% barter opportunities for our Adventure Michigan™ profiles and regular epic Giveaways. If you are interested in bartering with us on these opportunities for legendary brand awareness, please contact us, for more information.


If you are a small business with Made in Michigan products and would like to be featured for FREE in one of our monthly SPEND LOCAL MICHIGAN™ profiles and our Annual SPEND LOCAL MICHIGAN™ magazine, and participate in any of our monthly SPEND LOCAL MICHIGAN™ Giveaways, please email us with your product information and we will reach back out to you to go over details.

We do not charge Michigan small businesses to be featured in any of our monthly publications under the SPEND LOCAL MICHIGAN™ profile or in our Annual SPEND LOCAL MICHIGAN™ Shopping Guide. We are happy to support local small businesses with limited budgets help get the word out about their products or services and help them grow. If you would like to participate in any of our monthly SPEND LOCAL MICHIGAN™ Giveaways, you will be required to provide your product at a 100% barter and in return, you will receive full publicity of your product through the particular Giveaway(s) you choose to participate in. There may be an occasion where we choose to purchase additional products or services from you for additional Giveaways or for special Giveaways, but this is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to reject any products for any reason.