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Beyond Expectations: Anna’s House – Grand Haven, MI

Breakfast is my favorite meal when I eat out. If I had the opportunity to go to 24-hour diners every day for food, I would. In this post-pandemic world, a handful of the local breakfast diners closed due to the lack of customers. It was not everyone’s first choice to get takeout from a local breakfast joint, versus a predictable fast food place. Fortunately, there has been a spike in breakfast/brunch places popping up around Michigan. Anna’s House is a local chain that has had a few new locations open, and Grand Haven is home to one of those locations. They were able to prosper, and make it through the pandemic and pass with flying colors. I’m lucky to have such a great place close by! 

Nestled on the bustling Washington Street in downtown Grand Haven, right beside the historic movie theater building, you’ll find Anna’s House. They inhabited the space after a very historical Dee-Lite breakfast diner had to call it quits at the height of the pandemic. It is hard to come into a space as a “local chain” and continue to have as good of a reputation as an old household name in a small town. Anna’s House does it right by making a great first impression as soon as the customer strolls in. They skillfully blend a welcoming and vibrant retro theme reminiscent of an old 50’s diner, while also incorporating contemporary resto-modern elements. The reoccurring theme of robin’s egg blue throughout the establishment adds an extra touch of coziness, enhancing the overall ambiance.

The connected bar area is still in operation, what used to be the signature bar side of Dee-Lite that utilized it as additional dinner seating. While retaining many of the original stylings, they have incorporated subtle updates to seamlessly integrate it with the main side of the restaurant. I think that the preservation of the space creates a feeling of nostalgia for the locals that have frequented this spot for the past few decades. I felt as if there was still a part of Dee-Lite left. This to me, is a respectful class act that was executed well by the new owners and pays homage to the original space. 

Now for the food. On this visit, I wanted to branch out and try something new and different. I’ve actually never had an eggs benedict type dish before. I figured that it would be a good time to try one of their popular winter specials, the “southwest eggs benedict.” Southwest is never usually my first choice, but after seeing the picture on the menu, I figured it would check all of my craving boxes. I ordered it with a side of hash brown too! I usually opt for just a fruit cup, but I knew I needed to execute the entirety of this dish properly. When the dish came out, there were even caramelized onions on my hashbrowns. I didn’t even think to order this, but I was glad to see it! The waitress apologized for the mix-up, but I was pleasantly surprised to see them. 

Patience is limited for me when it comes to these reviews. I order the meal when I’m absolutely starving, and it took everything for me not to just start digging into the hashbrowns ASAP. Luckily for y’all, I was able to pull my phone back out to make sure that I got some beauty shots of the hot dish. Sitting on two biscuits, was a thick layer of fresh guacamole that held together the added vegan chorizo! I would have never been able to tell it was vegan, I was informed by the waitress only after I finished the dish. The two basted eggs broke easily when I cut into them. They did what eggs do best, ooze. The yolk mixed super well with the poblano hollandaise sauce which absolutely stole the show. It meshed super well with the other ingredients, and did not overpower it like some other sauces can. The jalapeño corn salsa tasted just like a modified pico de gallo and was perfect as the centerpiece on this dish. 

Let’s circle back to the hashbrowns. I look for a happy medium with a hashbrown. They should capture that crispy top with a super soft, but warm and well-cooked inside. Anna’s House really hit these potatoes out of the park. It was the perfect side to compliment this already amazing meal. The caramelized onions on top were so flavorful and added an offset of sweetness to the hashbrowns. 

It is hard to wrap my head around the fact that a “local chain” can be this special. It felt like they had recruited an incredible staff. I will recommend this place to everyone. I’m super lucky to have a new restaurant to include in my local mix. They even have WIFI! In fact, I went back again just to write the article in that space because I loved it so much. A stellar score of 9.5/10 is awarded to Anna’s House in Grand Haven.

Wolf Underberg
Wolf Underberg
A recent graduate of Western Michigan University with a Master's in Vocal Jazz Performance, Wolf has a deep-rooted passion for music and a burgeoning talent for journalism. Automotive Journalism through his Master's thesis acted as a catalyst for his love of writing and an outlet for his creative expression. It was also this path that connected him to LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™ where he now channels his passion into covering Adventure Michigan™ and Michigan Food Adventures™. Beyond his pursuits in music and writing, Wolf finds joy in leading an active lifestyle, exploring his culinary curiosities as a dedicated foodie, and indulging in his profound interest in all things automotive.
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