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A Scenic Wilderness

Bald Mountain State Recreation Area – Oakland Charter Township, MI

Orange, White, Green, and Blue Loop Trail

Nestled in the heart of Michigan lies a nature lover’s paradise. With its diverse landscapes and captivating trails, Bald Mountain State Recreation Area offers a wealth of outdoor adventure for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Within this park is a worthwhile trail, the Bald Mountain Orange, White, Green, and Blue Trail – a 10+ mile network of trails that showcases the area’s natural beauty and provides an enjoyable hiking experience.

We took a journey through this picturesque trail system in early May. Spring was just beginning to blossom so there wasn’t much color, but the ambiance that the end of winter and early spring created was still pretty magical if you enjoy hiking through and shooting photographs of nature in all of its wonderous stages.

The Orange, White, Green, and Blue Trail meanders through a tapestry of landscapes. I imagine that during the summer and fall months it offers a captivating blend of color and more wildlife.

The trail is rated Hard on All Trails but we found the trail to be very easy. There wasn’t much elevation change at all. We completed the trail in about 3 hours and that’s with stopping to take photos and recording video.

Each part of the trail offers up a unique ambiance, from tranquil wooded areas to marshes.

The Orange Trail section winds through dense forests that I’m sure are magical during the fall season.

The White Trail section leads you through a peaceful forest, offering the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a serene atmosphere that rejuvenates the soul.

The Green Trail section traverses diverse landscapes, including rolling meadows and picturesque wetlands. I’m sure in the summer months this area is teaming with wildlife from deer to songbirds and provides ample opportunity to connect with nature and witness its wonders up close.

Along the Blue Trail section, we were promised majestic hilltop panoramas at higher elevations. We didn’t get this. We didn’t notice any viewpoints along this trail. Perhaps if you traverse through the inner guts of the trail you may find this, but taking the outer loop, we were not greeted with such grandeur of nature.

It’s a beautiful area and trail system that provides an immersive experience for hikers of all skill levels, even though we were fully expecting a Hard trail, it did not disappoint. We only encountered a few people during our 10-mile hike. I’m sure that this trail is teaming with a lot more adventurers during late spring and summer, but we were happy – as always – to have the trail mostly to ourselves.

The trail system offers something for everyone. So lace up your hiking boots, embrace the allure of nature, and embark on an unforgettable hiking adventure along the Bald Mountain trails.

Difficulty: EASY  Our Rating: 4/5 (only because we were expecting Hard)

If you’re expecting and seeking a hard trail, then this 10.1-mile loop is not the trail system for you. I cannot speak to the inner guts of the trail system, as we traversed only the outer loop. It was a very easy hike. It’s a great trail system for families or anyone who wants to have a great hike without too much strain. The area is beautiful and I’m sure the spring/summer months are breathtaking.

Comfortable reminders: Carry bug spray with you on this trail. You will need it. The bugs were starting to come out in early May.  Bring plenty of water. You will need that as well. Though not a very strenuous hike, it is 10+ miles. Even if you opt for the shorter trail system, staying hydrated is crucial when hiking, especially during the summer months. This is a State Recreation Area that requires you to keep your animals on a maximum 6-foot leash. If your pet is a hiker, they will love this trail. There is not a lot of room to run off to the sides of the trail, they will have to remain on the trail itself, but they will simply love being out in nature with you.

Tamara Graham
Tamara Graham
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