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Diving into the Akashic Records

You may be asking yourself…diving into what?? Akashic Records?? Most people have never heard of the Records, or perhaps have heard about them by another name – “The Book of Life” in the Bible or the “Book of Remembrance”. A few years ago I was one of those people. I kept hearing about the Akashic Records and was very curious about what they were and how a reading could help me. Finally, I found a course about them and learned how to access them!

Akasha is the divine love and divine vibration of sound and light. Just like the Cloud, the Records are an interactive memory bank. Their function is to record all life experiences. The Akashic Records hold the knowledge of the past, present, and possible direction of future events. They are the energetic field that contains the entire history of every being since the dawn of creation, which connects us to one another.

When we work with the Akashic Records, we have the possibility to connect with the Divine Vibration of that dimension. In this subtle, yet powerful environment, we can receive direct information, guidance, and inspiration. The Akashic Records are the highest vibration and bring light to any issue you are facing.

You may be asking, “How can I access the Akashic Records?” You may do so by connecting with someone who is an expert in reading them, or you may learn how to access them yourself, although it’s a little more challenging. (I often have resistance to entering my own records and holding the vibration for myself.) As an Akashic Guide and Channel, I find it much easier to access my client’s records, see the limitations that are holding them back, release them, and call in healing for their highest good.

The Records are accessed through a special prayer that opens the energetic field of the Akashic Realm. I feel a shift in the energy around me as I am channeling information for my clients. Most of my clients can actually feel the difference in the vibration around them as well. In order to access the Akashic Records, one must give permission for me to do so. I also must have the client’s permission to open the records.

Within the Akashic Realm, I am able to access my clients’ Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. “Masters” are a body of energy that has been with you since the creation of your soul. Within the Records, I can access your past lifetimes, present lifetime, and future possibilities. Readings offer guidance, understanding, and healing. They can help you connect to your soul’s purpose, and offer insight for the highest good of everyone involved.

Accessing the Records can help in all areas of life, from relationships, to health, to business. Special gifts and talents from the Akashic Realm may be called in as well. I often work with women business owners who need more clarity in the direction of their business or want to remove any blocks holding them back from greater success. Within the records, we can also uncover new business opportunities. Clarity around marketing, strategic partnerships, or new products and services. (As I am writing this I just had package ideas come through for my client! I messaged her right away!) The Records can provide insights and directions on how to implement these new possibilities effectively.

Readings can remove “vows’ or “contracts” that have been put in place in previous lifetimes or from our ancestors. A common vow people have put in place is the vow of poverty. Another common vow is that of love – the vow to never love another person. As you can imagine, these vows can cause people to have problems in their money, career, or love life. It’s amazing to watch my clients’ success after releasing these detrimental vows that have been impacting their life!

The Akashic Records are a wonderful modality that can add dimension to anyone’s life or business. A reading is recommended for anyone wanting to improve their life on a spiritual level. Readings enable you to attain wisdom, love, and acceptance directly from your Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, and the Akashic Records. It can be a truly amazing gift! If you are interested in attaining these gifts, and insight please follow me for more information.

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