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Foundations of Michigan

What makes history? Is it the physical evidence of our past – the fossilized remains of stone tools beneath the foundations of industrial skyscrapers? Or perhaps history is made by how it informs the way in which we think about society, culture, community, and the individual. Or, do these characteristics of human experience instead shape how we think of history? While each of these answers provides useful insights into the relationships we can have with history, we at LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™ believes stories are what make history.

For some Michiganders, their stories begin in the early 17th century when French explorers crossed the St. Mary’s River into modern-day Sault Sainte Marie for the first time. For others, their stories date back nearly twelve thousand more years, when Michigan was covered in a mile-high wall of ice and her only residents were wildlife and small parties of Paleolithic hunters. Tens of millions have lived on this land before us and their stories, some well-known and others lost in the margins of the historical record, blow on the wind from Pictured Rocks to the dense maze of urban Detroit.

Michigan Central Station, Detroit, MI

Join us at LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™ as we do our best to lend an ear to these whispered tales. From the first peoples and their inter-tribe conflicts; to the French, British, and American colonists charting the early blueprints of the would-be United States; through industrialization and the automobile; and following the urban factory worker through the rise and fall of the American Midwestern Renaissance. For in exploring these stories, not only do we gain an appreciation of the human cost that got us to where we are today, but we also place the world around us in context, allowing for a better understanding of the ways in which we can and must move forward.

Taran Damalcheruvu
Taran Damalcheruvu
The checkered flag symbolizes our unique pursuits, driving us forward and pushing our limits. "Anyone Can Cook" embodies this pursuit, offering a path to surpass others regardless of sport, profession, or lifestyle. Dedication and sacrifice are key. At 18, Taran is a multifaceted individual with impressive accomplishments. He excels as a podcaster, writer, designer, go-kart racer, and more. With a passion for history and sociology, he fearlessly pursues his dream of becoming a professional race car driver. Taran contributes to LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™ in various roles in both the backend and as a writer. Follow his racing journey on his social media channels.
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