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In the scorching summer of 1997, Barb Morina found herself basking in the serene beauty of Michigan’s west coast. Amidst the sandy shores and gentle waves, Barb’s quest for a travel journal began. She sought a journal that would not only capture the essence of her travels but provide specific spaces to chronicle the places visited and the people met along the way. To her disappointment, the shelves held only blank journals.

As Barb leafed through the empty pages, an idea was born; the idea for a guided, Q&A format journal. Shortly thereafter, Journals Unlimited emerged as the original creator of this unique journaling experience, infused with the unmistakable flavor of Michigan.

The journal collection, a testament to Barb’s vision, embraced the spirit of the state. Titles like Up North (Cabin Journal), Destinations (Lighthouse Journal), and journals dedicated to Fishing, Hunting, and Birdwatching, added a touch of Michigan’s outdoor allure. Among the vast selection, the Vacation Journal and Camping Journal emerged as the stars with the best-selling titles.

But Journals Unlimited was more than an ode to the outdoors. Barb, with entrepreneurial spirit, expanded the collection to cater to diverse interests and ages, ensuring there was something for everyone.

In the early days, Barb’s creativity developed just four titles. She collaborated with a local printer, overseeing the creation of 5,000 journals destined for her home in Bay City. Undeterred by challenges, Barb traversed craft shows and personally reached out to gift stores across Michigan. It wasn’t long before the realization dawned – her idea was not merely taking root but flourishing.

Fast forward to 2023, and Journals Unlimited stands as a testament to Barb’s tenacity. The business office in Bay City orchestrates the creativity, with warehouses in Pinconning. Over 65 journal titles and 12 styles of jumbo notepads bear witness to the journey, with Journals Unlimited now shipping over 100,000 journals annually, sought after as a unique gift idea throughout the United States.

Every page of a Journals Unlimited creation echoes the sentiment that everyone encounters significant events worth remembering. Regardless of age or passion, the act of journaling becomes a seamless journey, thanks to the guided, Q&A format. Memories find a home within the pages, waiting to be revisited.

And there’s a touch of personalization to make each journal truly yours – create your own cover with a personal image and text. Whether it’s a gift to a loved one or a keepsake for yourself, the pages of Journals Unlimited embody the art of capturing and cherishing life’s beautiful moments.


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Journals Unlimited is proud to be Bay City owned and operated!

Tamara Graham
Tamara Graham
With an adventurous spirit and a burning desire to make the world work for all of us, Tamara encourages others to embrace self-love, compassion, empathy, understanding, and an ever important sense of humor. With over 30 years of diverse marketing experience, including a decade in publishing, she brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the industry. Her concept revolves around experiential magazines that captivate both online and in print. Tamara's visionary project, LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™, unveils the wonders of our breathtaking home state, igniting love and admiration among Michiganders for where they live. By fostering this deep connection, she inspires a genuine appreciation and love for where we live!
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