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Lifting the Veil

What leads one to become a paranormal investigator?

For many, it is a path paved with curiosity, a thirst if you will for the unknown, and a deep-rooted desire to explore the unexplained. For others, it is due to a personal encounter with something beyond the realm of the living and science (as we know it), with the supernatural.

Having worked with Detroit Rock City Paranormal on a live investigation, it’s easy to understand that most paranormal investigators are initially driven by curiosity, the realm of uncharted mystery and unanswered questions about what happens when we pass on in death.

Human nature is inherently curious, and the unknown has always held a strong allure. The world of the paranormal challenges our understanding of reality and inspires many to explore the unexplained.

And that is, what I believe makes the team with Detroit Rock City Paranormal (DCRP) so interesting. They are a group of professionals who approach each investigation with a healthy level of skepticism. They are not “over the top” in their approach and practice. They approach each investigation with curiosity and authenticity.

As Mike Delavan, one of the co-founders of DCRP explains it, paranormal activity is often a type of residual energy left behind after death. Residual hauntings involve energy or impressions from past events that replay like a recording, with no consciousness or intent involved from the “ghost.” It’s like leaving a psychic imprint in a place. Intense thoughts, emotions, actions from the living individual leaves an energetic imprint on the location. These imprints are thought to be especially likely to occur during moments of very high trauma or stress.  

These imprints then replay or are “triggered” and can manifest as sounds, smells, or other sensory experiences associated with the original event. Residual hauntings are often characterized by the lack of conscious interaction with the living. The energy imprint does not respond to attempts at communication, and it typically follows a fixed pattern. Think in terms of an accident or a suicide in a location and residual sounds associated with that.

Then there are what is referred to as intelligent hauntings. This type of paranormal activity is characterized by the presence of a conscious (self-aware) and interactive spirit. Such spirits are believed to be aware of their surroundings and can interact with the living and the environment. Such spirits are those that we interacted with at Eloise and Fort Gratiot during our investigations.

Communication with such spirits occurs through a variety of means, including audible voices, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings, writing messages, or sometimes direct physical contact. (Watch our YouTube videos releasing mid -October on our experiences with our investigations). These spirits also make themselves known through moving objects, making noise, and showing themselves in physical apparitions.

Intelligent hauntings occur in various locations, including homes, historical sites, hospitals, or any place where significant events or emotions are linked to the spirits’ presence.

A good paranormal investigator is going to rule out non-paranormal causes and not just jump right into the conclusion that it is a haunting. In a field loaded with over-the-top paranormal experiences where so many sensationalize what happens during an investigation simply for views, DRCP works to determine the cause of the activity and provides support before, during, and after the investigation. The team continuously educates themselves with the proper use of current technology, historical data and analysis, and their own unique abilities to develop reliable techniques when conducting paranormal investigations.

When you talk with any of the team members from DCRP, you quickly realize their passion and dedication for what they do. They take what they do very seriously. They do not do what they do to become famous, but to lend their skills and abilities to truly help people.

You can reach DCRP via their website.

Tamara Graham
Tamara Graham
With an adventurous spirit and a burning desire to make the world work for all of us, Tamara encourages others to embrace self-love, compassion, empathy, understanding, and an ever important sense of humor. With over 30 years of diverse marketing experience, including a decade in publishing, she brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the industry. Her concept revolves around experiential magazines that captivate both online and in print. Tamara's visionary project, LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™, unveils the wonders of our breathtaking home state, igniting love and admiration among Michiganders for where they live. By fostering this deep connection, she inspires a genuine appreciation and love for where we live!
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