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Small House Farm

SPEND LOCAL MICHIGAN™ supports Michigan small businesses as a courtesy to our readers. Support local Michigan small businesses and love where you live!

Enter the quiet village of Sanford, Michigan, where Small House Farm stands as a symbol of simple living on the edge of the Huron Forest.

Small Hour Farm Oils

Small House Farm is about practical craftsmanship. Their products are made with care in small, seasonal, and all-natural batches. Ingredients come from their homestead, chosen deliberately. Their offerings include herbal body care, tinctures, books, and seeds. While you can find them online, the real deal is at local markets and events, where you might stumble upon something unique.stumble upon even more exquisite treasures.

Sustainability is key for the Cohen family at Small House Farm. Their land is a working display of thriving vegetables and small livestock, reflecting their commitment to learning and growth. The harvest isn’t just about produce; it signifies their journey toward sustainable living, following the rhythms of nature.

Bevin (Ben), a traveling advocate for nature’s wisdom, travels the country preaching about locally cultivated and wild-harvested plants. His journey covers everything from seed preservation to oil production. Through his talks and workshops, he fosters a deeper appreciation for the earth’s resources.

Elijah, Heather, Anakin James, and Bevin Cohen of Small House Farm

Ben, Heather, Elijah, and Anakin James find beauty in simplicity and invite you to join them on their journey. At Small House Farm, experience a life dedicated to craftsmanship, sustainability, and the wisdom of nature.


Small House Farm offers a variety of homemade products. You can purchase directly through their online store, or book Ben for an event.

Small House Farm Logo

Seeds & Weeds Podcast

Listen to their Seeds & Weeds podcast featuring all things about sustainable living and featuring gardeners, herbalists, farmers, and other groovy plant people!

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