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Snug in the Harbor with OG Ice Cream

Snug Harbor and Dairy Treat – Grand Haven, MI

Man, reviewing this spot has been a long time coming. It’s Jayde and me versus the weekend tourist rush when we’re after some food. It’s a mixed bag – we need tourists to keep our beach towns, especially the highly-rated Grand Haven, MI, economically vibrant. Grand Haven earned a spot in the top 16 “Best Small Beach Towns in America,” according to Mlive, a popular Michigan journal. Whether those ratings hold water is always a question, but there’s no denying that Grand Haven is an amazing destination.

Heading down the coastal strip towards downtown Grand Haven, you’ll pass by some notable spots: the Pere Marquette train, the farmers market, and the chamber of commerce. Continuing your journey along the coast, you’ll approach a slight bend that takes you closer to the state park. Nestled at the bend’s birth is a hidden gem known as “Snug Harbor.”

Locals simply call it “Snug.” It’s been around for a while, undergoing a few facelifts. What’s the draw? Location! From here, you enjoy an amazing view of the Grand River channel flowing into Lake Michigan. Some may argue that the view of the big lake takes the cake, but if people-watching is your jam, this view won’t disappoint. You get to see various boats coming and going, adding to the lively and vibrant atmosphere. The wait staff is consistently attentive and friendly.

On this visit, we were ravenous, as usual. We kicked off with a California roll appetizer, a light and fresh option always worth considering.

I also ordered the white chicken chili as a personal appetizer (Jayde shared in it quite a bit). This chili packs a punch! Spicy enough to tantalize without inducing a sweat. At most, it might make you cough a tad, but a sip of your drink will remedy that. The chili is rich, creamy, smooth, and served at the perfect temperature, avoiding the lukewarm pitfall you might find elsewhere.

Moving on to our main entrees, I decided to venture into the exotic realm and went for the Poke Nachos. These were a flavor sensation! Imagine Wonton Chips smothered in crab, cucumbers, carrots, avocados, sweet peppers, green onion, a spicy mayo drizzle, eel sauce, and nori strips. Each bite delivered a unique taste, with the wonton chips adding a rich, buttery, and salty dimension. The spicy mayo and eel sauces provided an intense flavor profile that’s hard to pinpoint but undeniably delightful. It’s a dish that requires no additional enhancements.

Jayde, on the other hand, played it safe with a traditional hamburger – an authentic delight that puts fast-food chains to shame. This charbroiled burger, cooked to perfection, brought back memories of childhood and beach outings with my father. The grill marks on the burger are an absolute treat. The burger was juicy and flavorful, and going deluxe was the right choice. It came with not-so-common waffle fries, larger and crispier than the usual. These fries were light and fluffy in the middle, with a satisfying crunch on the outside. Served piping hot, they elevated the whole experience.

We decided to skip dessert at Snug and head over to the OG ice cream spot in downtown Grand Haven: Dairy Treat, fondly referred to by locals as the “polka-dotted place.” The original small white brick shack with polka dots painted on it gave way to new ownership, now connected to living quarters above. The new look pays homage to the original building with vinyl multi-colored polka dots and retains all the classic flavors.

Speaking of classics, Jayde went for a mint chocolate chip ice cream in a cake cone – a no-brainer choice. Cake cones are unbeatable, especially when you reach the final few bites, where the ice cream settles into the base. In my cake cone, I splurged on a butterscotch flavor burst dipped in chocolate. For the uninitiated, a flavor burst involves blending another flavor with vanilla soft-serve ice cream, creating a delectable twist on your standard soft serve. I’ll take a soft serve flavor burst over hard serve any day. The chocolate dip did get a bit messy towards the end, but I spared you any embarrassing ice cream-eating photos. So far, my favorite dipped flavors are raspberry and butterscotch. You absolutely must try it for yourself!

Our double header of Snug Harbor and Dairy Treat earn a score of 9.6/10! 

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Wolf Underberg
Wolf Underberg
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