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Submit and Publicize Your Event Through LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™ for FREE! We understand how important events are to connecting people and building community around your business or organization. That's why we make submitting and publicizing your event to the masses easy and simple, and at no cost to you!

How to Submit an Event to Our Calendar

How to Submit an Event to Our Calendar

You must be a registered user to submit an event to our calendar. Please read instructions below to register and then click the Submit an Event button below to complete the submission form by following the prompts.

Yes, you read that correctly, we do not charge you to submit your event to our events calendar or for us to promote your event for you through our social media channels or our print publication under our Events Section.

The only requirement for submitting your event is that you are a registered user of our online magazine, which is also free! To become a registered user of LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™, click the Sign in/Join button located at the top of the screen on desktop, or through the mobile side menu on your mobile device and follow the field prompts to register.

Once you are registered, click the Submit and Event link above and follow the prompts to complete the submission form.

You have the ability to upload a photo to your event (highly recommended!). Photo uploads are limited to 256MB and a we prefer a JPEG file extension but will accept other file extensions as indicated.

Please ensure that your event photo is a minimum of 300dpi. If we choose to pull your event to publish in our print magazine, we will need a minimum of 300dpi to print the image along with your event information. If none of your uploaded images are a minimum of 300dpi then we will choose not to publish your event in our monthly print publication.

When you get to tags, please type the category you chose to place your event under as a tag, and the city location of the event as a tag. ONLY tag these two items.

If your category does not match any of the included categories, please place your event under the Community category. NOT Community Gathering.

We tend to review events quickly. Once approved, you will receive notification of your event going live on our calendar.

Changing or Deleting Your Posted Event

If you need to make changes to the event that you posted on our calendar prior to the event happening, simply log in to your profile and make the necessary changes and republish. You also have capability of deleting your event entirely without approval.

If you have any questions, send us an email and we'll by happy to help direct you. We will respond to your email as quickly as possible.

Note: Uploading a photo to your event is not required, but it is highly encouraged for aesthetics in our event list and social media promotion. Be sure that you upload copyright free photos or have permission from the copyright owner to upload. Thrust Media, LLC and LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™ are not responsible for any copyrighted photos that you upload. All violations of such and any and all legal disputes regarding copyrighted material that is uploaded by a third party will be directed to the party responsible for the violation.

*LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™ and our parent company, Thrust Media, LLC, nor any of our employees or contractors are liable for any damages caused by your event to any person or their property. We provide a free service to promote your event through our event calendar and we assume no liability for the event or venue.