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The Perfect Ambience: Two Tony’s – Spring Lake, MI

After a great workout, my partner Jayde and I headed over to Two Tony’s. We may have been a little underdressed. We were also under the impression that we could get a table on a Friday night there without a reservation. That was not the case! 

Fortunately, the bar section offers convenient miniature two-person tables, providing the option to sit or stand while enjoying your meal. These tables are usually readily available, ensuring easy access for patrons. We were able to grab one right by the window, with a beautiful view of the Shell gas station across the way. 

I will say this right now, it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure seats at these upper-echelon establishments. Be prepared to wait, or be proactive and plan your outings in advance. Never in my life, would I have considered a small town like Spring Lake a place where I’d have to wait for my table. But that is okay! I’m glad to see these small business locations staying busy because I want them stay around.

The ambiance of Two Tony’s is perfect for that special occasion date night with your significant other. This establishment has a few different themes going on, all under the same genre. The side we sat on by the bar gives off this prohibition-era type vibe. It includes some old posters and photos of the Rat Pack. On this particular side of the restaurant, you can enjoy a clearer rendition of the jazz music, immersing yourself in the ambiance and capturing a more profound experience from the overall setting.

Towards the back portion of the restaurant, it is more so focused on seating presentation. There is an Italian vineyard-themed nook that seats guests right by all the wine! If you sit here, be prepared for the wait staff to be walking around you to grab bottles of wine for their orders! I’ve sat in this section before I was doing food reviews and found it to be fascinating, especially if you are into finding out about new wines that you may not have been hip to before. 

When I dine in a place like this, I can’t help but think of The Godfather Theme playing in the background. It has the power to make you feel more significant than your actual self, which speaks volumes about a place’s ability to influence your personal emotions and perceptions while dining there.

I started my meal off with a Gin and Tonic to replenish my electrolytes after my hard workout. Jayde and I decided to split the Brussels sprouts for our appetizer. When the dish was presented, the smell was overwhelming and immediately drew both of us in. I’m sure that the applewood smoked bacon that was added to it made it even easier for both of us to love such a potent vegetable. It also incorporates peppadew pepper, roasted garlic, and asiago cheese. The Balsamic reduction used in its preparation further enhances the flavor, providing an added punch and an acquired richness. This dish was absolutely killer. It made us go on a Brussels sprout kick as we attempted to mimic the dish at home, which resulted in us hating the results because it wasn’t as good as Two Tonys. 

For our entrees, I opted to go with some lighter fare and found the Thai chili peanut salad to be an appealing option. Jayde went with the Salmon. Both of us made excellent choices with our orders. When my salad came out, the presentation and the layering of the ingredients were phenomenal. It is incredibly hard to make a salad look good, considering it’s a bunch of chopped-up greens in a bowl. The chicken was doused in a homemade peanut sauce and was laid over the salad on a skewer. There was finely chopped red onion, cucumber, and carrot. The smaller the vegetables get chopped up, the better the salad in my opinion. It allows for a lot more space for the flavor of the other main ingredients to shine through. The Wontons were overly thick and all over the place. They were overflowing in my bowl when I stuck my fork in. I’ll never really complain about something like this. I’d rather there always be more than less. The salad was already so fresh with a great blend of greens that had some white saps that made it crunchy, but these wontons put it over the top. It went so well with the flavor of the Thai peanut dressing. A sweet heat sensation that absolutely factory resets your mouth with each bite. Amazing. 

Jayde’s salmon dish was spectacular. You have the option to order it to your liking. Choices are secory style, panko encrusted, grilled, woodfired, or blackened. Jayde opted for the blackened. It also comes with a choice of potato and vegetables. She opted for a hearty baked potato which seemed like a good call for the lighter salmon. It was perfectly blackened and crusted over the top of the fish. When she cut into it, it was so tender it fell off the fork.

Two Tonys delivered a great experience to both of us! It has been in Spring Lake now for well over a decade and has earned a wonderful reputation for its wonderful food and its brilliant well-educated staff. They earned a 9.7/10.

Wolf Underberg
Wolf Underberg
A recent graduate of Western Michigan University with a Master's in Vocal Jazz Performance, Wolf has a deep-rooted passion for music and a burgeoning talent for journalism. Automotive Journalism through his Master's thesis acted as a catalyst for his love of writing and an outlet for his creative expression. It was also this path that connected him to LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL. MICHIGAN™ where he now channels his passion into covering Adventure Michigan™ and Michigan Food Adventures™. Beyond his pursuits in music and writing, Wolf finds joy in leading an active lifestyle, exploring his culinary curiosities as a dedicated foodie, and indulging in his profound interest in all things automotive.
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